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We recognize that this current climate is a complex and challenging time for you & your team. You are looking to do the right thing that will both help the individual, and support the organization through unexpected change.

Some of our corporate partners include World Vision, BMW, Shopify, United Way, OREA, Heart and Stroke, CMHC, Canadian Pharmacists Association, etc.

All of our services are designed to be delivered confidentially, with care, anywhere, any time, virtual or in our offices coast-to-coast. We guarantee it.

Yes, we can support you & your team with customized solutions.


Value, scalable solution:

  • Lower-investment
  • One seat to multiple
  • On-Demand, anywhere

Virtual, On-Demand, Self-Pacing Portal & Resources:

  • Job Search Webinars
  • Job Search Mindset Podcasts
  • Applying-Online, Interview-Prep Videos
  • Personal Branding & Self-Assessment Tools
  • DIY Resume Tools
  • Interview & Recruitment Guides

Options of including:

  • Written resumé & cover letters
  • Customized job coaching sessions
  • Flexible program solutions


For employees who are:

  • early-career or
  • low skill or
  • low tenure.

1 to 3 months of support:

  • Access to Job Search Portal, Webinars, Podcasts, Videos & Guides
  • Resumé, cover letter & LinkedIn assessment
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Network strategically
  • Identifying & connecting to the hidden job market
  • Set informational interviews
  • Understand your value & negotiate your best offer


For employees who are:

  • mid-career or
  • high skill or
  • mid tenure.

1 to 5 months of support:

  • Access to Professional Job Search Portal, Webinars, Podcasts, Videos & Guides
  • Abilities & transferable skills analysis
  • Professional-level resumé & cover letter(s)
  • LinkedIn bio & profile assessment
  • Networking & working with Recruiters in your sector
  • Identifying & connecting to the hidden job market
  • Strategic Job Search Plan
  • Benchmark current market value
  • Landing & integrating for success in your new role


For employees who are:

  • leaders or
  • in-depth skill or
  • long tenure.

1 to 10 months of support:

  • Access to Leadership Job Search Portal, Webinars, Podcasts, Videos & Guides
  • Abilities & transferable skills analysis
  • Leadership Job Search Plan
  • Leadership-level resumé & cover letter(s)
  • LinkedIn bio & branding support (including professional headshot)
  • Networking, working with Executive Recruiters
  • Identifying & connecting to the hidden job market
  • Compensation & Offer support
  • Landing & integrating for success in your new role
  • Long-term & strategic career plan

You can trust us with your transitions.

We know restructuring can be challenging.
We can help with a modern human approach.

Carrie McVeigh
Manager, Human Resources
Envirotest Canada

Not only did we select CareerJoy as our preferred firm to work with, they surpassed our expectations in their planning and delivery of services.”

Katie Waring
Talent Advisor
Smart & Biggar/Fetherstonhaugh

It was exactly what we needed with this sensitive termination and she had the employee leaving in a much better and supported state than we anticipated.”

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Our Commitment

We are 100% committed to helping you achieve the goals & expectations of your outplacement program, & to get true ROI. To ensure we meet and exceed your expectations, we 100% guarantee our service in terms of coaching fit, tools, resume & branding elements, and support – we will work with you & your team until you are completely satisfied. Guaranteed.

The Value & ROI of Transition Support

We recognize that this is an investment as an organization in your employees, and you need & want an ROI. Here’s the key 3 ways outplacement support will not only be the right thing to do, but also bring value to you & your organization: 

Source: Outplacement Services Study

We’re available everywhere you are when you are.

We take an innovative, modern approach to outplacement services. Whether portal, on-demand approach, in-person support at our Burlington office or coaching your national team virtually, we’re there.

Our flexible coaching model is built around you: your team’s needs, lifestyle, location and timing. We take a modern approach to coaching and we can support you in-person at one of our local offices, or from the comfort of your own space.

Serving Canadians from coast to coast since 2002. Yes, even if you’re in Tuktoyaktuk we can support you. (In fact, we have.)

The human, modern approach to outplacement services

Our Approach

  • Tailored one-to-one
  • In-person & online
  • Caring & Practical
  • Results-driven

Our Values

  • People
  • Trust
  • Support
  • Growth

Our Resources

  • Best-in-class tools
  • Modern & innovative
  • Online & on-demand
  • Tailored for you

Our Team

  • Certified transition coach
  • Dedicated success team
  • Experience in your sector
  • 100% Coach Fit Guarantee

On-site Termination Support

We offer on-site assistance to support impacted employees and to assist the HR & leadership team during the termination process.

  • Coaching managers, HR teams and all other involved parties on different aspects of restructuring, such as the psychological aspect,  structure of termination conversations, communications with the retained employees, maintaining morale
  • Coordinating the logistics of the day-of with the HR team 
  • Providing the impacted employee with objective and sensitive emotional support 
  • Managing the return of company property
  • Helping the impacted employee to make a gracious exit
  • Following up with employee after the fact
  • Establishing a personal connection as the first step into the transition process

The Leadership Intelligence [LQ] Series:

The On-Site Termination Support Checklist & Best Practices Guide

Featuring the latest research and best practices from our WorkLab. Having supported over 23,000 transitions in Canada over 17 years, we are constantly working to deliver you the latest research on Canadians Flourishing at work. In this guide you will learn:

• 3 keys to consider pre-announcement

• Termination announcement best practices

• Day-of best practices




Get the guide:


HR Transition Consulting

We will come alongside your HR team, leaders and retained employees to come up with a plan and provide support including:

1. Pre-announcement

  • Transition communication plan
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk & change management
  • “Leading and managing change” workshops
  • Evaluate team fit

2. Announcement period

  • On-site termination support
  • Job search workshops
  • Supporting impacted employees
  • Internal messaging guidance

3. Post-restructuring

  • Support for HR team retained employees & leaders
  • Internal messaging guidance
  • Employee engagement
  • Organizational health index
  • Coaching programs for impacted employees

How does it work?

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I recognize that this is a timely and confidential conversation, and I know you want to do this right. Whether you are dealing with one person right away, or a multi-person/multi-location project, we can help. I work with a number of organizations & individuals going through a transition.

Let’s book a confidential call, I’m available promptly to discuss how our team can build a program that supports you in a timely manner & meets your budget.

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Practice Lead, People & Culture Solutions

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