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Whether you are an individual seeking a new job or career in Ottawa, or an employer looking for outplacement, leadership development or workshop services, we can help.


How we can help you at the Ottawa office

We offer face-to-face coaching in Ottawa as well as at our coaching office locations plus the flexibility of telephone or Skype coaching coast-to-coast. Our coaching support includes:

There is no one-size-fits-all test to determine your or your team’s career future. That’s why we have developed many different coaching services, each tailored to a particular career situation. We create a plan that guides you or your staff, step-by-step, toward achieving career growth and success.


Coaching team

We are a team of smart, wise, certified professionals in Ottawa committed to making work better for Canadian professionals and organizations.
We guarantee our coaching fit. If, for whatever reason, the fit just isn’t there we will assign you a new coach, establish where you are at in the process, and if necessary, adjust your coaching program to ensure that by the end of the program, you are meeting your set objectives.


Does it work?

In addition to being an award-winning firm, our client response surveys indicate that 94% of clients are very satisfied with their CareerJoy programs and coaching that they receive. 93% of clients indicated they were likely to recommend CareerJoy to their friends, family members, or colleagues.
CareerJoy is committed to your success and we recognize that your success is our success. We will work with you until you are completely satisfied.


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