The COVID-19 Support Centre for Leaders & Teams

We recognize that it’s a very unique time in our world. Our team is ready to share the knowledge that we’ve acquired through 18 years of managing and leading virtual teams and workforces ourselves, and supporting over 2,300 corporate partners with virtual learning and coaching solutions.

We’re here, we’re prepared and we care.

Now is an opportunity to inspire & focus your team to rise to the challenges they will face and adapt to circumstances beyond their control such as:

— Fear & uncertainty

— Navigating working from home with families

— Friend, family members and community physical distancing — Market turbulence & economic uncertainty

— Health concerns — Media influence

We understand your need for support in:

— Giving your team a sense of continuance, control, focus and purpose

— Supporting your staff in building great habits: wellness & resilience

— Leading teams in a remote work environment

— Navigating change & transformation through collaboration

— Communicating & influencing in a remote work environment

— Supporting your staff in building great habits: prioritization & time management

— How to manage strategic human resources decisions

We have developed the following solutions in order to serve you during this time:

Virtual Training & Support for Your Managers & Leaders

  • Leading, Managing & Thriving in Crisis & Change
  • Building a Culture of Wellness & Resilience
  • Leading Virtual Teams for Higher PerformanceVirtual Team Building: The Art & Science of Communication
  • Strengthening Your Organization in Mindfulness

Virtual Training & Support for Your Staff & Teams

  • Group Coaching & Peer Coaching Circles
  • Developing Great Work From Home Habits
  • The Resiliency Workshop – strategies to manage stress
  • Communicating, Collaborating & Delivering in a Virtual Environment
  • Strategic Digital Communications & Business Writing
  • Time, Priority & Workflow Management
  • Professional Business Writing: Memos & Emails
  • Responsible Use of Social Media
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Team Building: Maximizing Relationships, Awareness & Communication

Coaching Programs for You & Your Team

  • myCareerJoy: The Career & Leadership On-Demand Portal
  • Coaching for Executives
  • Coaching for New & Aspiring Managers and Leaders
  • Coaching for Higher Performance
  • Conflict Resolution Coaching & Mediation

Restructuring, Outplacement & On-Site Support    

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