Suzanne Williams


I have been reading your Monday Motivators for the past couple of years since I finished my career identity programme with you, and each time I see it in my inbox, I think of dropping you a note to extend my ongoing thanks.  I still carry everything I learned during the programme and from our discussions with me daily.  After discovering that research and project management is exactly what I should be doing with my career, I remind myself every day that I have the power to make my job what I want it to be.

I also realized that I should let you know that the work we did during the programme have had tangible payoff, as that is a measurable result for you as well.  I am still with the same company, but I moved finally!) just over a year ago, and  after settling into a new routine here  I was also promoted (finally!) to Vice President this past February. Although I would like to be doing more on my specialty, and although I am not in the stimulating office environment in which I’d best perform (I still work from home), I am embracing the benefits of my situation and making the most of it.  I am planning to stay in this position for another year or so, then leverage the VP position into a position elsewhere that will allow me to do what I love but not be on my own every day.