Randall V.

In my last position as a trainer for a mutual fund company, I felt as though my career had stalled. I also felt that I wasn’t being fully recognized for my achievements and the pay was inadequate compared to my skills. Additionally I had two children that I wanted to spend more time with. I decided that I needed a change with my goal being to work at what I liked and to make more. I had proven to myself that I was not always successful at career transition on my own. I was not sure how I could do it differently on my own and felt somewhat discouraged. So I decided to work with someone who knew what they were doing. I saw it as a small investment with a large return.

Right from the first telephone consultation with CareerJoy I felt enlightened, energized and hopeful. I was confident that they could give me the support that I needed. Alan is an excellent listener and was able to ask questions that made me look at all of my past experiences, career and otherwise, and helped me to learn from them and move forward. Even though we met over the phone initially, I felt that he was focused on me and was genuinely concerned for my success. Through working with Alan, I felt that I was able to take ownership of my successes and my failures. Just by working through the different exercises with Alan I felt my confidence increase. As a matter of fact, half way through my coaching program I had gained the confidence to request and negotiate an increase in my salary that more than paid for the coaching that I was receiving!

I firmly believe that you should do what you do best and, therefore, the team approach that CareerJoy takes in their coaching really appealed to me. It was obvious that the different members of the team found what they were best at. Alan, the one on one coaching and Cameron, the researching, analysis and writing. With the information from our coaching sessions, Cameron was able to write a Biographical Career Report for me that was extremely accurate. The most valuable part of the whole process was the identifying of themes and motivators in how I approach work – it was clearly laid out in my report. It was made obvious to me that I had made some choices that produced success sometimes and I was also able to see where and how I sabotaged myself in my past career decisions.

Since then, I have utilized the themes and motivators with every career decision that I make, and have found great success. I can now see when a work situation has the ingredients that will make success for me, allowing me to do what I do best.

I am now an independent facilitator and trainer, and work from home with the potential to have a better income than I had when I was employed full time. I feel that I have control over my career. I am an active participant and not a bystander. The fact that I had made the right decision working with CareerJoy through my transition was confirmed when six months after I had completed my coaching, Alan was in touch with me for a “check-in” meeting. It confirmed for me that CareerJoy is dedicated to their clients and interested in making their career situation a positive one. Thank you.