Marlena Flick

“Career Joy’s program tools (e.g. HABB test & profile, Networking & Interviewing guide) were helpful, particularly when employed with guidance by a Career Joy coach. Communications with all Career Joy staff in the process was timely, friendly, respectful and helpful. I enjoyed the additional resources like Newsletters, and links to other articles. Option to have in-person or Skype coaching sessions was helpful. Flexibility of the coach to allow for goals-oriented sessions was very very helpful and allowed me to seek guidance on particular issues hindering my work goals. Coach’s breadth of knowledge and depth of care very evident in every coaching session, and made all the difference. Jill Kirson’s ability to offer a balance of practical suggestions, guided conversations towards tangible solutions, and skills-teaching relevant to my goals with empathy-driven mentorship, and as-needed, no-nonsense but warm focus on areas for improvement or possible “root issues” countering my progress was of deep value. I never left a session without a couple “next steps” I could immediately take towards my goals, and more confidence towards the process.” – Marlena Flick