Mark Chisamore

MBA, Management Consultant, Deloitte

I had been out of full time work for 5 months when I first contacted CareerJoy. I felt that I needed professional help in searching for my next job and developing a long-term career plan. I wasn’t confident that I was directing my career in the right area, and needed advice as to how to successfully market myself to find the career that I am best suited for.
The Career Identity and Search Program was exactly what I needed. Through working through various exercises, Alan was able to help me identify my key motivators and the specific characteristics that each career opportunity must posses to be a viable option for me to pursue. Over the course of the program, I learned what my marketable talents and skills are and how to clearly articulate these during interviews.
I always felt welcome and relaxed when meeting with Alan. He was exceptional at listening to my ideas, concerns, questions and providing me with honest, sound advice very much grounded in practicality and common sense. He has a great ability to accurately assess what makes you “tick”.
By the end of our second meeting I was amazed at how well he had identified the key elements of my character and work philosophy. This helped me to feel confident that I had made the right choice in working with CareerJoy. I particularly liked that there was never the feeling that you were just another client who would complete the program and be gone. Rather, I was made to feel that we were building a professional relationship that would extend beyond the completion of the program.
I felt that the team approach used by CareerJoy was effective, and I was amazed at how well they captured the essence of me. Their philosophy allows several skilled coaches to participate in the program and each provides their own level of validity to the analysis of my career situation. The team approach allows CareerJoy to leverage the different strengths that each member has to provide their clients with the best advice possible.
My main goal was to ensure that I was pursuing a career that was compatible with my character and to develop a strategy to acquire that career. Through working with Alan, I have gained the confidence that I was looking for. The process has given me many insights and taught me many things about myself – things that will remain with me for the rest of my career.