Hany Fouda

Director, Product Marketing - Municipal Industry


I had the opportunity to hear Alan on CBC radio last summer while driving to Toronto. He was addressing negotiation in the workplace. I liked the way he was presenting the issue and helping listeners navigate their career situations. I decided to check the company’s web site to learn more about its services and the programs it offers. After further investigation and a brief meeting with Alan, it became clear to me that CareerJoy is taking a different approach than traditional mainstream career counselling. Rather than relying on interest tests and self-assessment programs to identify the strength and weakness of an individual, CareerJoy goes a couple of steps beyond that. The company helps professionals through one-on-one consultation and in-depth discussions dig deeper in their inner souls in order to identify their core values, passions, and objectives in life and clearly define what they are best at.

Alan is a great coach. During the analysis phase, he asked probing questions and listened attentively to my words. He always tries to go beyond what is said to understand the real motives and uncover the core values. He uses metaphors and real-life examples to explain a situation or validate a behavior. His analysis takes you back to childhood in an effort to unearth the innermost assumptions. He attempts to understand the background, culture and the role of family and parents in your career development. His in-depth analysis and honest assessment greatly helped in restoring my self-confidence, unraveling my assumptions and identifying my competitive advantage and value proposition in the job market. To me, it was more like career therapy than simple counselling.

I believe the overall approach taken by the whole team was excellent. The final assessment report was well written and accurately reflected my talents and abilities. The approach used by the team to compile the report and gauge feedback makes it unique. I always felt that the whole team is there for me, seeking my success and working with me towards common goals.