Evan Jarock

“As someone who did not have a lot of experience applying for jobs and going through the interview process, I really found it helpful in just understanding in the process you go through in getting a job.


I found the resume and cover letter to be extremely helpful, as well as the coach helping me understand a lot of the assets that I have for a company that I would not usually expect to have identified myself, leading to more confidence when applying for a job. On a personal level the main thing that I gained was self confidence, it showed me that I have something to offer the work force, and gave me the know how to go through the process of getting a job so that I am able to give myself the best shot of being successful.


On a professional level, as someone who does not have a great amount of professional experience, it gave me an insight into how things will work in the future when it comes to moving up in an industry or how to weigh different options for careers as I move through my own career. I found the experience very positive, the coach was very helpful, and all the resources that come with the package are also really helpful, along with the fact that I can start to see tangible results after only 4 sessions.” – Evan Jarock