Debbie Trenholm

MBA, Accredited Sommelier & Co-founder of Savvy Company

I needed a change! My career had been built on opportunities that sought me out. I am grateful for the tremendous experience that each position provided me personally and professionally. While reflecting on my achievements and accomplishments, I determined that the high tech industry wasn’t where I wanted to be for my entire career. I was faced with the question, “How do I make a career transition?”

I learned early the importance of surrounding myself with experts like a reliable lawyer, a trustworthy mechanic and a good accountant. A career coach seemed like a natural fit.

After attending a couple of the CareerJoy workshops and listening to the CBC radio show featuring Alan Kearns, I realized that Alan and the CareerJoy experts would be instrumental in developing my career in the direction that I want it to take.

What I did not realize was the amount of self-discovery that I would experience by working with Alan. Dedicating time on defining me, my passions, my natural talents and what is important in my career was often a fleeting “I’ll do that later” thought. Rather, with Alan coaching me through this journey, I now have a greater understanding of my value and the ability to articulate what I want in my career.

To have a coach, who has a vested interest in me, is invaluable. Alan validated my ideas, my discoveries and challenged my thoughts, all while helping me to grow personally and professionally. Our discussions gave me the ability to confidently articulate my career aspirations and my strengths. This was essential for me to take control of my career transition.

CareerJoy helped me with tactics too. The team revamped my resume and cover letter while Alan and I built an action plan to drive change in my career. It was reassuring to know that Alan was always “only a phone call away” in case I wanted some coaching through work challenges.

Knowing that I needed to take control of my career was the first step. Having Alan and the CareerJoy experts help me make the change was one of the best investments that I have made. A career coach may not be fore everyone, however, I know that it important for me now, and as my career evolves.