Christine Blais

6-Sigma Black Belt, INVISTA (formerly DuPont)

When I first met Alan, I was in transition from an Operations Manager Role in the company to an unknown future. The role that I had been in was unsuccessful for a variety of reasons, some that were in my control and some that were not.

When I left this role, I felt like I had failed. I felt as though I wasn’t given the opportunity to make the most of the position and show my true potential. Working with Alan and his team at CareerJoy allowed me to regain my perspective. They helped me to rediscover what I was good at and what I liked most about my work.

I liked the step by step approach that we took in the beginning. It allowed me to be objective about the process and allowed Alan to get to know me. I did the majority of my work with Alan over the phone, and even though we were not meeting face to face, I felt that he was focused on our conversation. I do not think our coaching relationship would have been any different if we could have met in person for our sessions.

With CareerJoy’s help, I was able to get past the negative experience that I was in and learn from it to grow personally. The analysis that was written for me was surprisingly accurate! I experienced an “Aha!” moment as Cameron pointed out the same themes that ran throughout the various experiences of my life.

CareerJoy never gave me the answers that I was looking for, but helped me to discover them for myself. He is very well read and experienced, and this offered me the chance to gain new insights. I really appreciated the personalized approach that Alan uses in his coaching. He is very perceptive and intuitive. In the end, it was like someone had turned on the lights for me.

My goal at the onset of the program was not to find a new job, but to find myself within the context of work and my experience with CareerJoy helped me to do that. I am still working with the same company, in a similar environment, but I now feel that I have control over my situation. I am more confident about what I want to do and what I don’t want to do. I now have the ability to say “No, that’s not what will make me happy”. I know now that I am staying on my own terms, and I can find joy in my work.