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FLR | 7 Principles to Better Meetings | The Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday, Meetings. Yes, we all have them. As a team, we are growing & have more projects, we also, are spending more & more time in meetings. We realized that more of our time & focus was being absorbed with talking about what we are doing & how we can do it. We had

FLR | This Thanksgiving Will You Have a Turkey or Gratitude Coma? | The Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday, Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving differently. It seems obvious, but then again, some of the most obvious things are not that. The more time you spend getting to know people, you gain insight & new perspectives into the way all of our lives have typical approaches and rituals yet are fulfilled in various ways. Everyone

FLR | Truth and Reconciliation | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday, Today we remember Phyllis Webstad. You may not know that name, Phyllis put on a brand new orange shirt and wore it with pride on her first day of school at Williams Lake, B.C. Think how excited you were on your first day of a new school. I can remember the pride I

FLR | Two Words to Describe Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy as a leader | The Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   What a sad yet beautiful day it was yesterday. As I drove into the office, I heard the news that Queen Elizabeth was gravely ill and her family had been called to her side.   Elizabeth Alexandra Mary died at the age of 96. Queen Elizabeth II was the longest reigning Monarch

[FLR] Leadership Lessons of Serena Williams | The Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   It’s hard to believe it’s coming to the official end of summer. I felt it this morning in the air; it had this brisk underlying sense of fall for the first time.   Transitions are a part of life; some we choose, and others, like seasons, are found in the natural rhythm

FLR | The Solution to Quiet Quitting (it’s simple) | The Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   As most of you know, TikTok is all the rage – it has taken over the position that was once held by Facebook & Twitter as a barometer of cultural trends, from music, fashion, design & sharing changing trends in life.   I occasionally scan TikTok to see what new trends are

FLR | Double Double | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   We have three official languages in Canada – French, English & Tim Hortons.   I was taking my parents out for their morning ritual. It’s straightforward, same location, same table and same order at their local Tim Hortons.   In their case, this means two small French vanillas, two everything bagels, one

FLR | Why Vacation Doesn’t Solve Burnout | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   Here’s a wakeup call: It’s August 12th. There are 3 weeks left in the summer.   I care that you have taken the time you need to rest, recharge and create systems to help you sustain your work-life balance.   35 per cent of Canadian police officers are going to work when

FLR | How Black Business’ Help The Canadian Economy | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   August is Black-owned business month in Canada – an essential way to honour and recognize the challenges & opportunities of being a black business leader in Canada.   I had dinner with a couple of black business leaders & it was genuinely astounding to hear of some of the challenges that still

[FLR] | New Canadians create opportunities for all of us… | Friday Leadership Report

Happy Friday,   This past week was exceptional, and I had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends who live in BC. They were in town for the weekend we took the chance to spend a few days at the cottage catching up.   It’s funny how connections made many years ago can still stay