Our Flexible Coaching Model

Do you work or attend school during odd hours or shifts?
Do you live in a rural or remote area?
Are you currently working abroad?
Do you have limited schedule availability?

This flexible coaching model may be right for you! We offer the option of both in-person coaching in 15 offices across Canada, and face-to-face virtual coaching anywhere in the world.

Did you know that a large percentage of our clients pursue coaching by phone or video call due to its many benefits? Flexible 1-1 coaching over phone or video call is sometimes a new idea for individuals, but it is very quickly becoming an industry norm.

Auditory learners often appreciate phone coaching due to the reduction in visual distractions, the enhanced ability to concentrate, and an increased capacity to “open up”.

Visual learners enjoy the personalized face-to-face aspect of coaching by video conference.

The advantages of any type of virtual coaching are clear:

  • Flexibility: more options for scheduling
  • Comfort: meet in your own environment or from any location where you have a telephone or internet access
  • Efficiency: no lost time for travel
  • Better coach “fit”: we can connect you with the best coach for your unique situation
  • Lower cost: no tickets, fares, gas, or parking passes required!
  • The environmentally conscientious option!

Connect with us to learn if our flexible coaching model is right for you and your unique situation.

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