Self-Employment & Entrepreneurship

You may feel “stuck”, wrestling whether you should pursue self-employment, or how to get the ball rolling once you’ve made the decision.

You may also be thinking through some of the following questions:

       Am I a good candidate for self-employment?

      What are my self-employment options?

      Where do I start?

      Can I make my venture financially viable?

      How do I start down this new path?

      How do I create a business plan?

      What are the best strategies for self-employment networking?

      How do I create a branding plan?

      How do I leverage social media to my benefit?

Our Self-Employment Program is the ideal place to start. Our team of certified coaches will provide insight into your options, strategy, and action plan. Whether you’re considering consulting, contract or freelance work, purchasing a business, starting a company, or franchising, we can support you as you transition to the world of self-employment.

The Self-Employment Program is compiled of a number of one-on-one coaching sessions as well as customized tools and resources. Your program may include a variety of the following:

    • Talent & Abilities Assessment Tool – An in-depth test measuring 19 specific abilities including leadership style, problem-solving style, communication style, personality profile, learning style, and motivation style, 35-page results analysis, and a career recommendations report.
    • The creation and review of your business plan, which includes your background, your vision/mission/values, your objectives, your personal development plan, your financial plan, your action plan, and more. 
    • A networking strategy developed around your unique situation. We often hear that “it’s not what you know; it’s who you know”. A key factor in brand awareness is growing and leveraging your network.
    • A branding and marketing plan customized around your service/product. Your coach will help you ensure the brand strategy is aligned to your objectives, make recommendations on developing the tools you will require to communicate your brand (logo / tagline / website etc.), and brainstorm ideas to strengthen your brand.
    • A bio and letter of introduction. Often a first impression, our team of professional writers will help you put your best foot forward.
    • The creation of an in-depth social media strategy. In 2020, your competitors are using social media, and your customers are using social media. Your coach will show you how to take advantage of platforms that will help you connect with potential customers, increase brand awareness, and even drive revenue.
    • 3 month coach check-in to ensure accountability and progress, and to support you with any new topics/questions.

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