Sample Resumes

Tell your story in a compelling way.

Many clients wonder what kind of difference our professional writers can do with your resume. We don’t just edit your resume and make it look nicer. We invest our expertise and our skills through our unique process to help tell your story.

These are some sample resumes we’ve produced in the past. Not every style works for every client, so please feel free to discuss style with your assigned resume coach.

The files below are in PDF format.


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res_jane_after.pdf 121.7 KB
res_jane_before.pdf 49.5 KB
res_joe_after.pdf 129.7 KB
res_joe_before.pdf 108.9 KB
res_john_after.pdf 105.4 KB
res_john_before.pdf 87.2 KB
Career Change 2.pdf 201.4 KB
Career Change.pdf 297.8 KB
Consultant.pdf 157.7 KB
IT professional 2.pdf 145.4 KB
New Graduate.pdf 156.3 KB