The Career & Leadership Advancement Program

In order to achieve sustainable career advancement with a deep rooted sense of fulfillment and purpose, leaders today must evaluate their own goals, direction, career opportunities, market conditions, and their ecosystem/life balance. Given the demands we face today, it can be daunting to undertake this endeavour alone.

Our Career & Leadership Advancement Program offers a structured framework to guide you towards your goal of career clarity in order to advance on your own leadership pathway.

You will have one-on-one customized coaching sessions with a senior certified leadership coachand will concentrate on these key areas:


  • Leadership & Abilities Assessment Tool: an in-depth test measuring 19 specific abilities including leadership style, problem-solving style, communication style, personality profile, learning style, and motivation style, 35-page results analysis, career recommendations report and leadership abilities report.
  • Leadership Competency Assessment Tool: examine passions, values, ecosystems, and lifestyle to identify core competencies, strengths, and weaknesses and demonstrate these within the goal of effective leadership.


  • Value Proposition: developing a clear Value Proposition that resonates with key decision-makers opening the door to engagement conversations. 
  • Communication: articulating your value proposition as your brand and linking this value to that sought by your employer or potential employer. 
  • Potential: create an understanding and appreciation of your potential beyond your current skillset and experience.


  • Personal Development Plan: establish ideal, realistic short and long-range objectives, identify areas of improvement in skills and abilities, and focus on the development of key competencies. 
  • Clearly identify markets, industries, and key decision-makers.
  • Formulate a strategic plan for follow-through. 


  • Professionally written Leadership résumé and cover letter.
  • Professional branding coaching including full LinkedIn assessment.
  • Professionally written LinkedIn bio and elevator pitch, including LinkedIn Guide.
  • Teach best practices for networking, and leveraging their network including working with Recruiters. 
  • Access to Recruiter Guide & Directory.
  • Teach how to navigate the evolving digital job search landscape including job search aggregators such as Indeed, Google, Glassdoor & corporate career platforms.
  • Effective identification, targeting and engagement of decision makers.
  • Preparation for interviews and an option to work with a professional acting coach.
  • Customized assessment and 30-minute personalized consultation with our Image Coach (complementary and optional) to discuss their unique situation.
  • Optional substitution for Professional Portrait Session.

We offer two tracks to your Program:

  • Internal –  Identify and explore opportunities at your current employer.
  • External – Exploring and identifying opportunities in the broader market.

The components of the program will be tailored towards either an internal focus or a transition to a new role in a new organization.

Program Goals – Our programs are tailored to YOU. This is where you describe what your goals and expectations are for the program, your coach and yourself.

Career Evaluation Tool – Take a snapshot of your career to date, likes, dislikes, successes, and lessons learned.

Career Identity – My Perspective – Identify how you see yourself. Your talents, passions, values, lifestyle, and ecosystem.

Career Identity – Third-Party Perspective – Feedback from those who know you and how they perceive your talents, passions, values, lifestyle, and ecosystem.

Summary of Achievements – Identify your achievements throughout your life to see patterns and take ownership of how you stand out.

Highlands Ability Assessment – This is an in-depth, objective,  in depth online assessment tool that measures your innate abilities – evaluating how you best communicate, problem solve & make decisions.

Personal Brand– Refine & develop a very clear Personal Brand that is a strong evidence-based Value Proposition and link to the values of your organization & aligning with your employers.

Targeting – Identify opportunities matching  your career goals, and deliver the best proposition to ensure a successful outcome.

Advancement Strategies–Demystify the review and selection process and how to become the desired candidate.

Ongoing Leadership Coaching– Engage an experienced coach to serve as a Trusted Advisor when seeking guidance on a particular issue as needed.

We recognize that you have specific needs & demands on your time. This career management program will be tailored to your goals, priorities, needs and timelines to achieve the results you are looking to achieve in your professional & personal life. This the best investment you can make –  in yourself & a better future.


The Career Management Program Option I 6 one-on-one coaching sessions
The Career Management Program Option 2 10 one-on-one coaching sessions
The Career Management Program Option 3 15 one-on-one coaching sessions
The Career Management Program Option 4 20 one-on-one coaching sessions

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