Succession Planning

Are your organization and your top-level executives ready for the next level?

As people move throughout the organization it creates a company-wide ripple effect. Bracing the side effects as an organization can get very difficult if you do not have control over the process…and there is a big price tag attached to that. This not only makes the succession planning very critical but also shows the importance of having a multilevel holistic approach that addresses the entire company, instead of one-off decisions to fill some big shoes and step up to lead.

We offer expert advice, guidance and tools to your organization around how to approach succession planning by supporting you on several critical components of this process:

  • Key elements of succession planning and targeted communication strategies for different stakeholders.
  • Identifying the gaps; Which new positions will be required to support the strategic plan? Which positions will become obsolete?
  • Defining and assessing the requirements of future positions to best match ideal profile.
  • Ensure readiness for continuous succession and talent management. Developing a holistic support system for both the leadership pipeline and the high potentials.
  • Preparation for legacy and future options for the key roles and the departing leaders.

We also support the departing leaders with:

  • One-on-one personalized coaching sessions with a Certified Leadership Coach.
  • A suite of assessment tools with comprehensive reports, analysis and personalized debrief for a strategic plan
  • Guidance on preparation for the next phase. Setting new goals, exploring new areas and career opportunities such as entrepreneurship or consulting.
  • Preparation for legacy and brainstorming around successors.

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