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Retirement Transition

CareerJoy helps you see the bigger picture, beyond financial calculations and planning leisure activities to giving you a reason to get up in the morning; finding your passion and purpose. Current statistics show for many people the retirement stage of their life will be longer than the span of their career, so planning ahead is essential.

Here are some of the benefits that you will experience when you work with CareerJoy:

  • Find your purpose, passion and dreams;
  • Discover your authentic self;
  • Identify your areas of strength, those that are satisfactory, and those needing focus;
  • Identify new short and long term goals in all areas of life;
  • Learn how to enjoy life;
  • Determine whether you will work and how it will be structured if you do;
  • Create a balanced lifestyle;
  • Do things never before attempted;
  • Find a rewarding way of giving your talents and gifts in the community;
  • Get organized;
  • Clear old clutter (mentally, physically and emotionally);
  • Help you overcome fears and other mental and emotional barriers;
  • Test your assumptions, ideas and models about retirement;
  • Assist you in resolving timing issues, for example a spouse who still works, meeting the care needs of family members, etc.
  • Brainstorm ideas for entrepreneurship in retirement.

This comprehensive coaching program includes:

  • Abilities Assessment  – identify your skill strengths and gaps;
  • Competency Assessment – examine passions, values, ecosystems and lifestyle to identify core competencies, strengths and weaknesses and demonstrate these within the goal of effective transition;
  • Retirement Development Plan – establish concrete goals.

Client Review

We wanted to thank [CareerJoy] for partnering with Hydro Ottawa’s Pre-Retirement Planning program. It provided practical information for employees who are anticipating a retirement transition in their career. Following feedback from both our past participants and current employees who had heard how engaging & fantastic the sessions were, we are looking to expand the program to include any employee who is 50+ to attend.

– Sioux Wolters, Supervisor at Human Resources Service Centre, Hydro Ottawa


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