Onboarding Programs for New Employees.

As an employer who’s worked hard to hire the right new employee, how do you ensure they’ll thrive within your organization?

A study by the Institute for Research on Labour and Employment, University of California, Berkeley found that “turnover costs for a manager average 150 per cent of salary, including tangible costs of hiring new workers and relocation, and intangible costs such as the new worker’s inefficiency and lost productivity while the job is vacant.” Another study by Leadership IQ, found that turnover in the first 90 days is higher than any other period of employment and can range from 2 per cent to as high as 50 per cent. Yet another studies show turnover in the first 90 days of employment is higher than during any other period – in some cases up to 50 per cent – and that turnover costs average 150 per cent of salary, taking into account the tangible costs of hiring new workers and relocation and intangible costs such as inefficiency and lost productivity.

That’s why CareerJoy has developed the 90-Day New Employee Success Program. By evaluating career strengths and obstacles we provide a strategy designed to get your new hires engaged and up to speed quickly and effectively.

Through coaching sessions for the new employee, we cover the following topics:

  • Properly defining key responsibilities and expectations;
  • Three keys to becoming culturally engaged within the organization;
  • Working “smart” and effectively with your leadership;
  • Matching employee skills to key roles and projects;
  • Using career success strengths to accelerate learning;
  • Four keys to creating alliances within the organization;
  • Avoiding predictable surprises;
  • Identifying short and long-term goals.

By building on existing skills and competencies, we will help your new employee succeed in:

  • Engaging colleagues, partners, clients and stakeholders;
  • Fostering environments of integrity and respect;
  • Cultivating and harnessing creative and innovative ideas;
  • Creating strategic and analytical goals and plans.

CareerJoy will work with you and your employees to help optimize the work environment and build engagement; ensuring a smooth, productive transition into your organization.

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