Maternity/Paternity transitions? We can help.

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Maternity/Paternity Transition

As an employer who’s invested in your employees and supported them in a career path to leadership positions, you can’t afford to see them leave after taking parental leave.

With parents often feeling overwhelmed with new responsibilities and uncertain about their place in an ever-changing workplace, it’s no wonder many choose not to return to work and, of those who do, up to half say they feel less confident in their job than they did before their leave.

That’s why CareerJoy has developed the Maternity / Paternity Transition Program. With a focus on retention and engagement, this program is designed to support both parents, and their employers through this challenging transition phase.

With coaching sessions for both the employee taking leave and their manager, we cover the following areas:

  1. Planning and Preparation
    heleHelping the employee set the foundations for a smooth handover and develop a framework for a successful return.
  2. Returning with Confidence
    During final 60 to 90 days of leave – Helping the new parent prepare to return to work with confidence.
  3. Following Return
    Building support and networks and developing leadership skills needed to remain influential using effective prioritization and smart working.

By helping to optimize the work environment and establish clear, realistic short and long-range objectives, CareerJoy will work with you and your employees to ensure a smooth, productive return to work.

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