When the time comes to fill an open position within your company, one of the most cost-effective and practical methods you can use is to hire a candidate from within your organization. In many cases, there are employees who are well qualified to fill your open positions. The perfect person for the job may be right before your eyes!

Existing employees generally require less training that new hires do, and a current employee brings a wealth of company experience and knowledge to the job. But how can you be sure which candidate is right for the job? At CareerJoy we can help.

Our Inboarding Programs provide your organization and employees with the framework and skills to choose the best career path within your organization. We provide the following:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your employees’ strengths and weakness, using the latest assessment tools and methodologies;
  • The Ability Assessment Tool® – three-hour online skill benchmarking tool;
  • The Career Options Report® – identifies the full spectrum of internal career options and highlights those with the greatest potential for your employees;
  • The Career Planning Tool® – A personalized map for the next steps.

A company that demonstrates a policy of hiring from within also fosters greater employee loyalty, which can have concrete benefits throughout the company. Employees at all levels are more likely to challenge themselves when they know that there is potential for future job within the firm. This means a lower employee turnover rate and a higher job-satisfaction rate.

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