High Potential Staff – Identification and Coaching

As your organization grows your team must grow with it. It’s not enough to have a strong senior management team; a successful company needs leadership ability at every level. To support your managers in taking on additional responsibilities, it’s vital to boost their leadership skills by assessing their strengths and identifying areas requiring further development.

Whether an employee wants to get on the leadership track within your company, is seeking a promotion, or wants to lead their team more effectively, you can boost their potential by developing their leadership style and voice.

Our High Potential Leadership Programs provide an in-depth evaluation of an individual’s leadership skills by a highly trained leadership coach. Through one-on-one sessions, using our multi-dimensional Leadership Abilities Tool, they will:

  • Identify their leadership skill strengths and gaps;
  • Learn which leadership positions are best suited to their abilities;
  • Maximize their leadership tools when working with colleagues;
  • Receive a leadership development plan using transferable skills.

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