The Leadership Development Program for Government Employees™

Are you looking for – or currently in – a leadership role in government and looking to examine your leadership competencies with a view to identifying your strengths and gaps? Concerned that you do not have a concrete plan in place to develop your leadership goals and methods, ensuring your success as a leader? Looking for expert professional advice to improve your core leadership competencies? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, CareerJoy’s Government Executive Coaching Program is for you.

Getting started with our Career Assessment Tool™, this CareerJoy program will evaluate potential career obstacles and provide an initial strategy you can implement right away in your current work situation. Once you have taken these first steps, The Leadership Abilities Assessment™ will identify strengths and gaps in your leadership skill-set and The Leadership Competency Assessment™ will examine your passions, values, ecosystems, and lifestyle with the aim of leadership planning. These assessments combined will highlight your core competencies, your strengths and weaknesses, and demonstrate these within the goal of effective leadership.

Once completed, these assessments and their results will be analyzed and utilized by CareerJoy to build a Leadership Development Plan. The aim of this personalized Plan is threefold:

  1. to establish concrete goals for personal development;
  2. to identify areas of improvement in skills and abilities; and,
  3. to focus on the development of the government’s key competencies.

The Government Executive Coaching Program™ includes:

  • Key Competencies Podcasts – in the comfort of your car, home or morning jog, listen to CareerJoyPodcasts on the Key Competency areas of Values and Ethics, Innovation through analysis and ideas, Engagement, and Excellence.
  • Leadership Abilities and Competency Profile – Specific training and tools based on the results of your Leadership Abilities and Competency Assessments.
  • Key Competency Coaching – CareerJoy will provide one-on-one coaching to provide you with methods and tools to improve your leadership skills.

TO GET STARTED call 1.877.256.2569, 416.681.0440 or 613.907.1135 or email, or contact us using our contact form.