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Our corporate programs are rich in heritage, having been built upon a practical and applied foundation. Leveraging our team’s backgrounds in recruitment and HR functions has enabled us to develop best in class frameworks that deliver results. We are confident that our abilities and experience will provide valuable assistance to your employees during times of transition and growth. We’re proud of the “human” approach we take with our clients. We are a national firm offering a highly individualized boutique experience.




We have worked with more than 500 corporate clients nationally from small businesses to large scale international organizations and across all sectors. Some of our clients include the Government of Canada, Scouts Canada, Calgary Flames, Vega, and PWC. We consistently have excellent feedback from corporate clients and in fact 94% of these clients would refer us.

We have a robust real-time sense of the economy, growth industries, and demand for skills in the marketplace. We work closely with recruiters in high-demand and emerging sectors and careers, and are happy to leverage our extensive network of professionals on behalf of our clients.

At CareerJoy we offer face-to-face coaching, as well as workshops, at any of our locations across Canada as well as the option and flexibility of telephone and Skype coaching coast-to-coast.

Our assessment tools are chosen from those we’ve developed and the best from outside – we customize the mix tools and personalize our programs to ensure all of our clients maximize their time with us. Because each individual has distinctive career history and needs, our services are multi-dimensional and we have built a team of career specialists from varied backgrounds, so that we can get the best “fit” in terms of both industry and style of coaching.

We provide transition and leadership programs and workshops throughout the entire employee career lifecycle, from entry level and administrative professionals, all the way through to senior level and executive level professionals.

We are happy to customize our programs and packages to suit the specific requirements of your organization. Contact Jason Parks – 1-877-256-2569 x 600 or Jason.Parks@CareerJoy.com.

CareerJoy offers a multitude of services for both Individuals & Employers, including:

Yes. Our coaches are available at any of our 15 locations across Canada (Toronto (2), Ottawa, Mississauga, Hamilton, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Halifax, Winnipeg, Kitchener/Waterloo, Kingston & Montreal) to meet with you and assist your employee. Typical, these are some of the services we provided when on site:

  • We will meet with the employer prior to the termination to discuss the process.
  • Following the termination, we will meet with the employee to provide overall emotional support.
  • We will help your departing employee deal with the reality that has just occurred and assist them in coping with their emotions.
  • We will help your employee plan how to communicate the news to family and friends.
  • If needed, we will help your employee gather their belongings and make a gracious exit.
  • We will begin building overall trust with your employee to make the transition easier going forward.
We offer a variety of on-site training & development options customized to best support your organization. Some of our more popular CareerClass Workshop topics include career transition, employee engagement, onboarding of new staff, leadership development and retirement transition.




Our on-site CareerClasses are available in a full selection of delivery formats to allow for ease of employee scheduling. We also offer the option of highly effective “on demand” webinars for less accessible employees.

We work with a full range of employers from coast to coast within the corporate, government (federal, provincial and municipal) and not for profit sectors. Our broad national span and personalized approach allows us to continually partner with a variety of organizations. tailoring each program to our client’s specific needs.

While start times will vary depending on each employee’s specific situation, we recommend starting the program as soon as possible. Clients currently on working notice have the added benefits of returning to their place of employment as well as their established networks in-between their scheduled sessions. Beginning the program early builds confidence in what is typically a time fraught with “unknowns”, decreasing stress and enabling your employee to transfer knowledge more effectively.

We offer three levels of recommended outplacement programs to best align with your employee’s unique needs. These include Foundational Level, Professional Level and Executive Level. By separating programs into established levels, it allows you the employer to quickly determine the depth and length of support your employee requires. We can then begin the customization process from there.
We can provide employers with an Employee Engagement Letter, upon request. This letter, which can be given directly to the employee upon termination, details the program you have selected for them, the benefits of engagement and the contact details for getting started.

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