Diversity, Inclusion & Unconscious Bias

Our philosophy around building a diverse, inclusive and conscious organization is built upon the concept of a healthy ecosystem. Like all healthy ecosystems, whether it is a building, natural environment or an organisation, it is sustainable and characterised by a high degree of collaboration, transparency, flexibility, adaptability, resiliency, natural efficiency and diversity. Ultimately, the organization’s commitment to nurturing an inclusive workplace needs to be baked into not only the structure and policies, but the culture you want to build.

All strategy is fundamentally built on a framework. Based on this framework, we can guide how we can cross-leverage and incorporate recommended components into your existing tools, processes, programs, and culture.

You may have some of the components well matured, while others may benefit from being streamlined, in order to build a holistic approach. This is something we will explore together.

Analyze Current State > Define Goals & Outcomes > Implement Solutions > Assess Impact > Repeat

Understanding your organization’s current state including strategy, corporate culture, programs & initiatives, processes, policies, performance and talent management frameworks. This process may include reviewing previous Individual, Team, or Organizational assessments/surveys on the subject matter and/or developing/deploying/analyzing new surveys and/or focus groups.

Areas of concentration may include strategic support in the following areas:

  • Talent Management
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Internal Communication
  • Learning & Development
  • Policy development

LeadershipClass Workshop Series

We want your organization to experience real change from our LeadershipClass programming, which is why all of our workshops are tailored to the corporate culture, goals, values and your team’s learning priorities.  Our workshops can be conducted both virtually or as live events. We craft a custom experience for your team so that you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your session with us.

  • LeadershipClass 201: The Journey of Self-Development
  • LeadershipClass 202: Leading Organizations in Diversity & Inclusion
  • LeadershipClass 203: Mindfulness & Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

This interactive workshop series (virtual or live) will help your leaders to understand unconscious bias and guide them on how to recognize the ways in which unconscious bias affects decision-making processes.  It will help participants to raise self-awareness and increase confidence in leading and influencing with an even more inclusive mindset. During this interactive workshop, through cross-table conversation participants will have the opportunity to reflect, share experiences and discuss how they can hold themselves and others accountable for positive change. Key Learning Points:

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence growth areas.
  • How bias is formed in our unconscious.
  • Four common types of unconscious bias that we all encounter day to day in the workplace.
  • Uncovering and addressing our own personal and affinity bias.
  • How to minimize unconscious bias and strategies for mitigating.
  • How to develop awareness and work your “mindfulness muscle”.
  • Developing leadership behaviours, practices and structural support to influence and facilitate organization-wide efforts towards a sustainable, inclusive and diverse culture.

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