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Leadership Development & 360 Assessments

The best leaders are those who know they don’t have all the answers. It’s not enough to just have leadership abilities. As your level of responsibility increases, you must constantly work to boost your level of leadership skills. To do so, you have to start with an honest assessment of those areas where you are strong and those that need some work.

The Leadership Identity Program, provides an in-depth evaluation of your executives’ leadership skills by a highly trained leadership coach. Through one-on-one sessions, using our multi-dimensional Leadership Abilities Tool, they will:

  • Identify their leadership skill strengths and gaps;
  • Learn which leadership positions are best suited to their abilities;
  • Maximize their leadership tools when working with colleagues;
  • Receive a leadership development plan using transferable skills.

The Leadership Identity Program is comprehensive, providing your Executive with the following benefits:

  • Initial Get-Started strategy they can start using right away in their work situation;
  • Leadership Abilities Assessment to identify their leadership skill strengths and gaps;
  • Leadership Competency Assessment to examine passions, values, ecosystems and lifestyle to identify core competencies, strengths and weaknesses and demonstrate these within the goal of effective leadership;
  • Leadership Development Plan to establish concrete goals for personal development, identify areas of improvement in skills and abilities, and focus on the development of the government’s key competencies;
  • Leadership Abilities and Competency Profile offering training and tools based on the results of the Leadership Abilities and Competency Assessments;
  • Key Competency Coaching – CareerJoy will provide one-on-one coaching to your Executive with methods and tools to improve their leadership skills;
  • Key Competencies Podcasts – in the comfort of their car, home or morning jog, listening to CareerJoy Podcasts on the Key Competency areas of Values and Ethics, Innovation through analysis and ideas, Engagement, and Excellence.

360° Feedback Assessment

The 360° Feedback Assessment is a tool to enhance employee self awareness and encourage employee feedback. Our assessments establish concrete goals for personal improvement and they can customized to staff Performance Agreements. Our assessments help to discern areas of success as well as performance issues with employees.

The program includes (per person):

  • Initial telephone consultation(s) between our coach and your supervisor and/or Human Resources representative to help ensure assessment meets organizational and supervisory goals
  • Written feedback assessment using supervisor(s), peers, reporting employees, self and others.
  • Administration of written activity to individuals, collection of confidential survey information, comprehensive analysis and report.

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