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CareerJoy™’s Executive Development philosophy for Public Servants is steadfastly focused on “helping professionals to reach their full potential”. For 13 consecutive years, CareerJoy’s accomplished executive-level coaches and customized leadership development programs have generated tangible benefits for public and private sector organizations across Canada by improving the performance of executives, leaders, and high potential staff.

Our individualized approach is directly focused on strengthening leadership excellence while promoting workplace wellness for teams & executives within their Government working environments. Through one on one, personalized coaching sessions, our team will guide you to establish concrete goals, plans and methods to help you achieve greater success as a leader.

Areas of focus to include:

  • Uphold Integrity and Respect;
  • Create Vision and Strategy;
  • Promote Innovation and Guide Change;
  • Collaborate with Partners and Stakeholders;
  • Achieve Results;
  • Mobilize People; and
  • Self- Management.

The Executive Development Program for the Public Service explores the Government of Canada’s core leadership competencies. Additional areas of focus for each executive will differ and we will customize our one-on-one coaching programs based on your Department/Agency’s needs.

Additional areas of focus may include:

  • Communication (Verbal, non-verbal, written, various styles & challenging conversations)
  • Teambuilding & Relationship Management
  • Self-Management & Self-awareness
  • Central pillars of Workplace Wellness
  • Work/Life Balance & Emotional Fitness
  • Time, Priority & Workflow Management
  • Change Management & Exploring Change
  • Delegation
  • Resiliency & Stress Management

The Executive Coaching Program provides the following:

  • Initial Get-Started strategy that you can start using right away in your work situation.
  • 360° Feedback Assessment, a tool to enhance employee awareness, feedback and establish concrete goals for personal improvement. This tool can be customized to staff Performance Agreements. This includes initial telephone consultation(s) to customize to supervisory goals, comprehensive analysis with a member of our expert coaching team and debrief session(s) with the employee, supervisor(s) and coach. A 360° Feedback Assessment is an excellent starting point to identify areas of improvement and goals to include in coaching sessions.
  • Leadership Abilities Assessment Tool to identify your leadership strengths, weakness and potential blind spots. This includes an in-depth 3-hour online skill benchmarking tool measuring 19 specific abilities including leadership style, problem-solving style, communication style, personality profile, learning style, and motivation style. The 35-page results report will be analyzed one on one with the client’s coach.
  • Leadership Competency Assessment to examine passions, values, ecosystems and lifestyle to identify core competencies, strengths and weaknesses and demonstrate these within the goal of effective leadership.
  • Leadership Development Plan to establish concrete goals for personal development, identify areas of improvement in skills and abilities, and focus on the development of key competencies.
  • Leadership Abilities and Competency Profile offering training and tools based on the results of the Leadership Abilities and Competency Assessments.
  • CareerJoy Podcasts (available anytime, anywhere) on the key areas of values, ethics, and innovation through analysis of new ideas from some of Canada’s leading.
  • One to one personalized coaching sessions (including 360 sessions).
    • Performance Agreement goals to be set with an action plan to be implemented and supported.
    • Areas of focus may include; Communication (Verbal, non-verbal, written, various styles & challenging conversations); Teambuilding & Relationship Management; Self-Management & Self-awareness; Central pillars of Workplace Wellness; Work/Life Balance & Emotional Fitness; Time, Priority & Workflow Management; Change Management & Exploring Change; Delegation Resiliency & Stress Management and Stress Management. Leadership competencies to also be explored: Uphold Integrity and Respect; Create Vision and Strategy; Promote Innovation and Guide Change; Collaborate with Partners and Stakeholders; Achieve Results; Mobilize People.

360 “Only” Program Options:

360 Feedback Assessment Only (Basic Level)

  • Written feedback assessment using supervisor(s), peers, employees who report, self and others.
  • Administration of written activity to individuals, collection of confidential survey information, comprehensive analysis and report.
  • One (1) individual coaching and 360 analysis session, one on one with employee.

360 Feedback Assessment Only (EX Level)

  • Initial telephone consultation(s) with Coach, supervisor and or Human Resources representative to help ensure assessment meets organizational and supervisory goals.
  • Written feedback assessment using supervisor(s), peers, reporting employees, self and others.
  • Administration of written activity to individuals, collection of confidential survey information, comprehensive analysis and report.
  • Two (2) customizable coaching and 360 analysis sessions:
    • Session 1: EX level employee, Supervisor(s) and coach.
    • Session 2: EX level employee and coach one on one.

Please note: CareerJoy™ policy allows for customization of program length & dates based on client needs and client goals.

Coaching Session Details.

Coaching sessions are 50 minutes in length.

Client to be assigned to one individual from the CareerJoy™ coaching team to support them for the duration of their program.

Location option 1: On-site at Government Department/Agency.

Location option 2: 251 Laurier Ave. West, Suite 900. Ottawa, ON.




We are proud to have partnered with individuals and/or teams at the following Federal departments:


Office of the Prime Minister of Canada (PMO)
Privy Council Office (PCO)
Office of the Auditor General of Canada (OAG)
Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)
National Defence (DND)
Industry Canada (IC)
Global Affairs Canada (GAC)
Public Safety Canada (PS)
Department of Justice (DOJ)
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED)
Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI)
Status of Women Canada (SWC), Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)
Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC)
Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO)
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Transport Canada (TC)
Western Economic Diversification (WD)
Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)
Canadian Heritage (PCH)
Environment Canada (EC)
Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade (DFAIT)

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