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Conflict Coaching & Mediation for the Public Service

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As a manager or director, you know that protecting your safe and healthy work environment is everyone’s responsibility in order to nurture the best space for creativity and productivity to flourish. While conflict is normal and likely to occur at some point, you want your staff to feel empowered to communicate effectively with direct reports, peers and superiors, and to feel as if they are being understood. This way, it’s easier to appropriately manage and resolve an issue before it causes negative consequences to your organization’s ecosystem.  Conflict coaching is a specialized type of coaching that involves alternative dispute resolution and neuroscience principles. In all of our lives, there will be moments when an objective professional (the coach) would be helpful, at times indeed critical, while considering the best strategies and tactics for managing conflict between individuals in your organization. We don’t just coach you through the specific conflict itself, but we will guide you in understanding the dynamics of how that conflict came to be in the first place. If appropriate, we may provide an assessment tool in order to identify and clarify the relationship between many different elements involved and provide strategies to resolve the root cause of the concerns.  Along with your coach, you will rehearse various ways to communicate and diffuse conflict in your specific scenario. We will help you expand your managerial “toolkit” by: 

  • Helping your team in shifting their perspectives, as you shift your own perspectives
  • Increasing your level of awareness of team concerns
  • Reframing the “problem” to seek the opportunity within the challenge
  • Learning to use creativity and logic to find creative ways to collaborate on solutions
  • Understanding communication strategies and patterns that help with challenges
  • Learning to ask powerful questions to help a colleague or direct report with a scenario
  • When things get out of control: what resources are available?
  • Rehearsing methods to communicate with a variety of different styles and personalities

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