The PSES Improvement Program

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We work with senior leadership teams and staff to improve the results of the PSES year over year, first by understanding the relationship between the results and possible root causes, then devising a training solution and communication strategy that integrates with the programs and processes that are already working.

The benefits of measuring engagement are well documented when action is taken in order to make incremental improvements and the actions are transparent and well communicated to all staff.

Phase 1) Knowledge | understand drivers and causes

    • Analysis of the survey results can include:
      • stakeholder consultation
      • conducting focus groups
      • additional pulse surveys
    • Reporting results to senior leadership teams


Phase 2) Action | improve employee perception, character & competency

  • Recommendations for process improvements and learning and development is presented in a register and final report
  • Communications plan, including options for customized presentations and communications templates for different stakeholders (leadership, union, employees, etc.)
  • A facilitated priority-setting change management workshop for senior leadership teams
  • Tailored learning solutions including synchronous and asynchronous options to address key opportunities for transformation within the organization. Our subject matter experts and learning designers will collaborate with your team to develop a solution that fits neatly within your existing processes, frameworks, initiatives and learning programs.


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