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Strong interview performance is key to landing the position you are looking for. Our Interview preparation coaching with a Senior CareerJoy coach/mentor is practical, goals-focused and leverages our consultants’ cumulative experience in the Federal Government including participation from “behind the desk” in over 200 competition panels.  

Competition and Interview Mentor-Coaching is typically focused on a specific Government competition and customized to ensure we’re prioritizing the areas that you need to focus on.  

You will engage in an Interview Preparation Program that spans the course of 6 to 12 weeks (timing is flexible to your deadlines.)

Participate in group and/or one to one sessions with a Senior Leadership Consultant focusing on supporting your career advancement:

    • how to hone your professional presence
    • before (preparation), during (action) and after (strategic follow-up)
    • exploring STAR principles and how to practically apply them to panel or recorded interviews
    • how to articulate your value proposition and achievements for the greatest impact
    • strategies to beat anxiety and recover quickly from mistakes
    • the process and the criteria for your competitions;
    • statement of merit-based application, resume, types of interviews (remote video, video conference, presentation, CBL, in-person)
    • the role of references
    • hard and/or soft mock interviews – review and practice of common interview questions
    • addressing your personal concerns and developing your personal strategic plan

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