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Are you looking to enter into a competition panel or prepare for a tough interview and want to be as prepared as possible? Strong interview performance is a key factor when considering which candidate is the best fit for any position. Whether you are looking for the “secret formula” for government interviews or want a mentor to help you become as prepared as possible, we can help. Our team of experienced former public service leaders have been “behind the desk” in more than 200 competition panels, and serve all levels and classifications, from individuals seeking their first federal government role, all the way up to EX-04.

Competition and Interview Mentor-Coaching is focused on a specific Government competition and customized to ensure we’re prioritizing the areas that you need to focus on. 

Timing for these Preparation Programs can range depending on your deadline but typically runs between 6 to 12 weeks.

You will participate in either group and/or one to one sessions with a Senior Public Sector Leadership Consultant focusing on supporting you in the following:

  • Help with the process and the criteria for your competitions/interviews
  • Statement of merit-based application, resume, types of interviews (remote video, video conference, presentation, CBL, in-person)
  • Addressing your personal concerns and developing your personal strategic plan before the interview
  • The role of references, how best to use yours
  • Explore STAR principles (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and how to practically apply them to panel or recorded interviews
  • Practice with hard and soft mock interviews – review and practice common interview questions
  • Hone your professional presence
  • Articulate your value proposition and achievements for the greatest impact
  • Strategize to beat anxiety and recover quickly from mistakes
  • Support before (preparation), during (action) and after (strategic follow-up)

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