Redeemer University Alumni Program

Work has a profound effect on our lives. You are probably looking for a specific fit: a place where you can grow and develop as a person and as a professional. You want to find a space where you will be challenged and, at the same time, have a voice and input on decision-making, and more importantly, make a difference. It’s not rocket science, but it is rare to find. The work we do every day across Canada is to make work better for Canadian professionals like you.

The Redeemer University Alumni Advantage

As a Redeemer University Alumni partner, we offer special pricing to both corporate and individual clients.

We understand that you need the information, tools, and the support necessary to make the best possible career decisions for you and your organization. We can help you. This is the first step toward reaching both your own career and leadership goals and those of your team.

Support for your organization

Support for you

We’re here. Wondering how we can help you take back control over your work situation?

Start the conversation with Cynthia from our Client Success team.

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Client Success Specialist
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