Why your career really does revolve around you- Steve Maich & Lianne George Authors of The Ego Boom

Do you feel like you don’t belong in your work situation? Do you struggle with identifying your strengths? Does your job title define your? How’s that for some light questions with your Monday morning coffee? This week’s podcast is with Steve Maich and Lianne George, authors of The Ego Boom – Why the world really does revolve around you. I found their book provided interesting research and insight about why we struggle with finding the right fit in our personal and professional lives. The paradox is the world has never seemed more about us, yet many are lonely, unsatisfied, and not sure of their identity and place in this world. There are all kind companies providing products and services that are addressing the issue of identity. (Face)book (You)Tube Oprah America’s Got Talent Starbucks Amazon Personal Blogs and the newest kid on the block Twitter. The answer lies with knowing, accepting and being true to our own identity. Not allowing a brands, companies, or even job titles to define. You. The benefit. Authenticity. Take that Mastercard! Sit back relax and Learn! length 28mins