Why should I hire you? What election campaigns & job search have in common – Part 1 Great Canadian Job Search Campaign

Getting elected is all about being chosen. The exact same principles apply to a job search – there are many candidates but only one will ‘win’.  Will that be you? It all comes down to building a winning campaign. 


Over the next four weeks you will have the opportunity of joining me for your very own campaign. Think of it as boot camp for the job hunter, and think of me as your personal campaign manager. I will lay out the same clear path that we have used with thousands of clients from Halifax to Vancouver, helping them to be the “chosen” ones. 


Each week we will spend 1 hour on our free webinar sharing the effective campaign strategies. This week is part 1.  Preparing your campaign.  From assembling your team to budgeting…the importance of planning. 

Sit back, relax & learn! 50 mins