Webinar with Anil Dash leading social media expert

Do you have It? You know, the newest, the fastest, the smartest? I call this the “if only virus”: if only I had that gadget, that new car, that degree, that certification, life would be so much better. This week’s podcast is with Anil Dash, leading blogger, founding Director of ExpertLabs and creator of www.lastyearsmodel.org. Anil shared his perspective on why new isn’t always better.

What are your transferable skills? Do you have skills and talents you could use in another career? Is it possible to obtain a new career direction with your “old” skills and credentials? Anil shared, “it is important to have a meaningful upgrade, not a superficial fix. Too often in our careers and our lives we see the answer is in the upgrade rather than maximizing what we have.” I notice that many professionals feel they need to do a wholesale upgrade such as go back to school and get another piece of paper. I understand why this happens. It’s partly because of marketing . Another primary reason is that it seems simple and others will easily support us. The answer to finding a new career direction is often a lot closer, simpler, and less risky than that. I am all for career upgrades if they make sense, and are truly meaningful.

This week’s 60 Second Workout – What could you do with the education, skills, and experiences that you do have?

Sit back, relax and learn! 40 mins