U2 & Southwest Airlines-Purpose + profit – Margaret Benefiel author of Soul @ work

What does Southwest Airlines and U2 have in common, while yes, U2 needs transportation for it’s tours, both organizations have found a sustainable way to balance purpose, people and profit. This weeks podcast is our webinar with Margaret Benefiel PH.D author and Frank Falk producer on CBC radio. They both shared their perspectives on how individuals and companies can manage balancing their basic needs and wants in this current economy. Margaret researched over 1000 companies, including Southwest Airlines and U2 to identify ways to balance the needs of the individual and corporation. Her research shared in her book Soul at Work, shows that companies that were able to combine purpose with profit, while respecting the needs of the individual consistently produced superior results. Southwest airlines is the only US airline that as been profitable every year since 1973. U2 stands apart for the integrity of their sound while using their artistic influence to make a difference. Edge shared with Margaret “It’s nice to feel that the music and the culture that’s grown up around the music, would be a catalyst for other people to do something” Companies with a purpose, produce more profits, have less turnover and employees are more satisfied in their work and make the world a better place. This creates an impact much greater than the bottom line. sit back, relax and learn!