Today's Parent Magazine – Laura Bickle & Launi Skinner former president 1800GOTJUNK Work-Life Balance in the Real-World

Did you do a lot of “home-work” this weekend? How many work related emails and calls did you deal with? The number one issue in most work related employee surveys is work-life balance. This expression was first used in the mid 1980’s to describe the balance between an individual’s work and personal life. According to our last weeks poll; the number one issue you responded to in dealing with work-life balance was; balance of work (39%) followed by a tie between expectations of boss and technology (17%), financial commitments (14%) and global projects (10%). According to research by The Center for Work-Life Policy, sixty – four percent feel that their work stress is “self-inflicted” Eighty-one percent of respondents say that work-life balance is affecting their health. You can listen to the podcast from our recent webinar on Work-Life balance (practical advice for the real world) with Launi Skinner former President of 1800GOTJUNK and Starbucks North America and Laura Bickle Managing Editor of Today’s Parents Magazine. They shared from both and employer’s and individuals perspective their thoughts on this topic. Both of these successful woman shared “There is no perfect solution, it is a combination of having a good support system and an open dialogue with your employer mixed with dose of humor”. What are some of the ways you have found balance in your career? Join the conversation and share your thoughts on my blog. Sit back, relax and learn. 45minutes