The Joy T-Shirt Project- The gift that keeps on giving; Interview with founder Jeff Woodrow

What kinds of T-shirts do you have in your closet? I have a few favorites, one of them is a picture of an igloo with the caption “The Canadian White House” We usually wear t-shirts either because we identify with the cause, brand or idea and we want to share this with the world. This week’s podcast is with Jeff Woodrow: Jeff is the founder of the Joy T-Shirt Project. I heard about Jeff’s story on a CBC radio program, he was also on The Hour with George Stroumboupoulos. One day while staring out the window of his office at his previous job Jeff realized “I worked really really hard to get here, only to discover that I am using my creativity and energy for a project I didn’t believe in. I found myself asking what do I want to do with my time here?” Jeff had an idea. He promptly got up from his desk and resigned. Now Jeff spends his days making t-shirts and selling his t-shirts across the globe, while trying to promote peace and equality on a global scale. This project has been traveling virally right across the planet, you can see some of his work at his site. This may sound unrealistic however, when you have the courage to start asking the right questions you would be surprised how this can help clarify what to do with your career. What do you want to do with your time here? Sit back, relax and learn! 28 mins