The Great Canadian Job Search | Workopolis Peter Harris | Following Up-Negotatiating-Offer & Landing Well

How did the interview go? Do you want the role? What is the best way to follow up? This week’s podcast is part 3b from The Great Canadian Job Search Webinar. Peter Harris from Workopolis and I discuss what to do after the interview, and how to follow up effectively.

Once you complete the interview I recommend a couple of things. I would suggest taking 15-20 minutes to review your performance. Think through the ways you answered the questions, and what improvements you can make with the content and the style of delivery. This is also an important time to determine how good of a fit this role is for you and your want & needs (my 15 minute career test is a good evaluation tool)

Your follow up is an extremely important part of the hiring process. I would suggest following up in 24 hours with the hiring manager(s). This is an opportunity to tweak your answers and share your interest in a personal and innovative way (aka don’t be boring). Peters shared “Be creative and bold in your follow up, this is your time to emphasize why you want the role, and why the company should hire you”

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This week’s CareerPoll; How well would you rate your salary negotiation skills?

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