The #1 Skill to Advancing Your Career- Writing 101 with Daphne Gray-Grant author of 8.5 Steps to writing faster, better

According to a survey conducted by The SANS Institute, your communication and writing skills are ranked as the most important factor in career advancement. This week’s podcast is from our recent Canadian Career Development Webinar with Daphne Gray-Grant author of 8.5 Steps to writing faster, better. Writing is an important element in our career. Whether it is writing proposals or writing a resume, learning how to write effectively and in a timely manner has never been more critical for our work. It is surprising how much of our professional time is spent writing, or thinking about what we need to write. I thought I had a pretty good handle on this area. I found Daphne’s ideas quite simple to use, yet have had a terrific impact on my own ability to write better and yes, faster.

Daphne suggests that you spend 40% of your time researching, 20% of your time writing and 40% of your time editing. I have implemented her ideas over the past few weeks with terrific success. As Daphne shared ” I know that writing isn’t always easy- but there are easier ways to become a better writer”

This week’s 60 Second Workout – Try editing after you have finished your writing, not as you are creating the content. This week’s CareerPoll: How would you rate your job-hunting skills? Last week’s CareerPoll results: Are you in the same profession that you majored in school for?

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