The 1 Minute Resume Review – Dave Drummond Award Winning Book Designer Shares How to Get the Attention of Hiring Managers

This fall, managers will be reviewing resumes, interviewing and making hiring decisions. The resume is a key first step in the process. The average manager will receive 20 or more resumes for an open position, and spend less than 1 minute reviewing each one. What can you do to get your resume to stand out from the crowd?


This week’s podcast is with Dave Drummond, award-winning Canadian book designer. Dave’s authors sell more books as a result of his work. In our conversation, he shares his “secrets” to getting noticed in a crowded & competitive world.


Why did I decide to interview a book designer? I do love books (in fact, I am writing this at Chapters), but the real credit goes my daughter who, while holding 2 books in her hands asked “Dad, which do you think is a better book?” She was asking the age old question, can you judge a book by it’s cover? In this particular case, the book with poorly designed cover, was the better book. Rightly or wrongly, we do judge a book by it’s cover, and hiring managers judge candidates by their resume. Dave shared “Great covers are all about telling the story in a quick, creative & engaging way” Does your resume pass the 1 minute test? From your resume to Linkedin, twitter and facebook, employers will decide to interview or not interview you, by the way you present yourself.


David and I have different skill-sets, we both help our clients get noticed and chosen (hired) in a noisy & competitive world.