Terry O'Reilly from the CBC on how you can stand out in a noisy world!

Most likely you woke up to this, you have been surrounded by this all day long, and you went to bed with this in your head. What is “this”? Advertisements. According to David Shenk from his book, Data Smog we see over 600 ads per day. The average employer feels this way as well, overwhelmed with noise and choices. How do you stand out from all of this noise? This week’s podcast, is with Terry O”Reilly host of CBC’s Age of Persuasion, award winning ad man, author of The Age of Persuasion – How Marketing Ate Our Culture. Terry shared on our webinar how an individual can use successful ad principals to get noticed, advance themselves and ultimately get hired by employers in a very noisy world. Sit back, relax and learn!

38 mins.