Soft skills – The # 1 way to advance your career. Leading soft skills expert & author Mark Jeffries shares his wisdom

What is the number one reason that people will choose you and your products/services over your competitors’? Well according to, 67% of managers would hire an applicant with strong soft skills, even if their technical skills were lacking. This week’s podcast is with Mark Jeffries. He is the author of of What’s Up With Your Handshake?, and a world expert in the “how to” of soft skills. According to Mark, “soft skills, used strategically, have never been more important to grow your success and get ahead of the competition”. Although many think they can gain advancement through more education, the most effective way to move forward is to focus on upgrading your soft skills. Podcast is 35 mins. Sit back, relax and learn! Contact us @ 1 877 256 2569