Sean Moffitt Canada’s Word of Mouth Guru | 3 Keys to Finding Opportunity in Your Network

How many people do you have in your personal and professional network? What are they saying about you? How many of your career opportunities have come directly from your network? According to our recent CareerPoll over 50% of opportunities came through the participants networks. How do you ask your network for help in the appropriate way?


This week’s podcast is from our recent Canadian Career Development Webinar With Sean Moffitt, Canada’s leading word-of-mouth marketing expert and founder of Agent Wildfire. Sean has helped leading brands strategically use word of mouth marketing to effectively grow their brands.


According to Sean, most people have 120 Facebook friends, 110 connections on LinkedIn and 90 Twitter followers. On average, we are connected to 10,000 people through the people we know in our network – that is a lot people and opportunities. Even in today’s digital world, research still shows over 80% of opportunities come through our networks. Social media make it easier to connect and amplify your personal brand message. Sean shared 3 key ways to authentically ask for help from your network.


1. Because – Give them a clear reason why you need help and how they can assist you.


2. Diligent – Be disciplined with your follow up to your network.


3. Reciprocity – Look for ways that you can help your network advance in their career.


Sean explained “It is not who you know, it’s who knows you and what they are saying about you” This is fundamental, what if 100 people knew you well thought highly of you? What kinds of opportunity would be coming to you from 10,000 on a daily basis?


Diligent, along the road with you!