Richard St. John | The 8 Traits That Lead to Great Career Success | Lessons from Harry Rosen, Robert Munsch & Rick Mercer

Pause and take a sip of your coffee. Are you successful? OK, feel free to take another sip as you ponder that light question. In my coaching practice, one of the key challenges clients face is finding their very own answer to this question. This week’s podcast is with Richard St. John best selling author of 8 To Be Great: The 8 Traits That Lead to Great Success. Richard interviewed over 500 of the most successful people in the world including Canadians such as Harry Rosen, Robert Munsch and Rick Mercer. I first heard Richard speak at a TED conference.

Richard’s book came about as a result of an incident that happened over 10 years ago. While sitting on a plane a teenage girl asked, “Are you successful?” his answer, “No, not really.” This is from person who is a millionaire, has climbed 2 of the highest mountains in the world and runs an award winning marketing company. Her second question was the key question: “What really leads to success?” Richard responded, “Sorry, I don’t know. Somehow I just did it.” These 2 questions led him on a 10-year journey to learn for himself from others about what really leads to success in life. Through his research, he identified 8 traits that were consistently found in successful people.