Podcast with Gail Vaz-Oxlade host of "Till debt do us part"- Money and your career

Why do you work? When I ask this question in our weekly tele-WORKshop one of the most popular answers is, “for the money”. This week’s podcast is with Gail Vaz-Oxlade host of the popular TV show Till Debt Do Us Part. Gail is one of Canada’s leading experts on money and it’s impact on our health, relationships and career choices. On her TV show and website, she provides information and tools to help you take back control over your finances, and your life. She is also the author of numerous books including A Woman of Independent Means. One of the major questions in the work I do, is how to find the right balance between lifestyle and a career path? Gail shared “a majority of people work for money” This is contrasted with Ipsos-Reid poll of professionals which showed, that money was ranked 4th in what satisfied them in their career. I got to know Gail as a guest expert on her show, working with one of the couples around their career options. This couple wanted to find the best career choice that would enable them to engaged in their work while balancing the economic reality of their lives. In each situation Gail empowers people on her show with three simple elements. A smart game plan, a clear set of goals and objective and expert support. These three elements when applied consistantly, work almost 100% of the time. Managing your money successfully and your career successfully require the same 3 principles. Do you have a smart game plan for your career? Sit back, relax and learn! 25 minutes