Mark Jeffries author & leading expert on the role of soft skills in career managment

Do you want to get hired quickly? Would you like to get promoted into the position for which you have the qualifications? Did you know that the number one reason that people will hire you or choose your products and services over your competitors’ is the evidence of your soft skills? According to, 67% of managers would hire an applicant with strong soft skills, even if their technical skills were lacking. This week’s podcast is with Mark Jeffries. He is the author of What’s Up With Your Handshake? and a leading expert in the “how to” of soft skills.

So what are soft skills? According to Mark, they are “anything that enables you to influence others, to pitch ideas, and to successfully persuade others to take action.” Think about how much of your role involves influencing and persuading others to take action. Although many think they can gain advancement through more education, training or other hard skills, the most effective way to move forward in your career is to focus on upgrading your soft skills. We live in a world where most professionals emphasize their hard skills. Hard skills are the education, knowledge and skills you need to practice your specific profession.

Mark shared “soft skills, used strategically, have never been more important to grow your career and get ahead of the competition.” Although many think they can gain advancement through more education, the most effective way to move forward is to focus on upgrading your soft skills

This week’s WORKout-What is one are you would like to develop in your soft skills?

This week’s CareerPoll : Which is more important in career advancement, soft skills or hard skills?

Last week’s CareerPoll : How many roles have you have in your career?

The Canadian Career Development Webinar: Thursday, May 27 1:30-2:30-Using Soft Skills to Create a Sustainable Career Strategy. Join Scott Williams, Vice President of Product Management, Nexient, a Global Knowledge & Training Company and myself. We will be sharing the newest research on soft skills and career advancement.

Regardless of which “hard skill” discipline you are involved in, you will find this webinar of interest, to learn:

  • Why employers find “soft skills” to be of value
  • Which skills and attributes are of greatest value to employers
  • How to use skill development to take control of your career in this highly competitive job market

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