Knowing & Branding Yourself | Workopolis Peter Harris & Alan Kearns share the keys to personal branding

How well do you know your personal brand? There are over 20 million professionals in Canada, why should an employer choose you? According to our recent CareerPoll 72% of respondents shared that their personal brand, is “under construction” This week’s podcast is from part 1 from The Great Canadian Job Search Webinar – Part 1 Knowing & Branding Yourself with Peter Harris Manager of content from Workopolis and myself. Here is how the stats played out with our CareerPoll.

28% Have a very clear understanding of their brand.

14% Have a moderate understanding.

9% Shared their brand is unclear to them.

14% Are asking the question, what is a personal brand?

33% Are currently working on discovering their brand.

Personal brands are not a new idea, they have been around since the beginning of time, we call this your ” professional reputation”. This past week, we did an on-site branding workshop for a corporate client, one of the events was a design competition. The team that invested the most amount of time thinking about their design first, before they started to build, came out with the winning proposal. The key to a successful job-search is very similar, it is the time invested to really understanding your uniqueness and strengths which make up your brand, before you start sending out resumes, posting to job boards and networking. Great results start with great designs. Peter shared ” The key to a successful job search and fulfilling career is in the energy and time spent in understanding your brand”. From my professional perspective, this has never been more true.

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