Interview with Tamara Erickson author of plugged in:The generation Y guide to thriving at work published by Harvard Press

Do you ever feel like you don’t necessarily fit into the work culture today? This week’s podcast is with Tamara Erickson, author of plugged in: The Generation Y guide to thriving at work. Tamara is a McKinsey Award-winning author and has conducted extensive research on changing demographics, employee values, and how successful organizations work. If you were born past 1980 you are part of the culture known as Generation Y and you now make up nearly 1/3 of Canadians living today. The things you value, the leaders you like to follow and what you are motivated by, is quite different from others in your organization who were born outside of this timeframe. You have grown up digital, connected, and in a time when there has been an amazing amount of change in the world – from the Berlin wall and Columbine to 911. Tamara shared, “The most common complaint I hear from employers regarding the Y’s is that they want everything now. They’ll tackle challenges where the proverbial angels would fear to tread. They’ll break the rules. And, if we let them, they’ll show us how to make our corporations a more humane place for all.” This week listen to your inner Y… Sit back,relax and learn. 35 mins