Interview with Michael Urlocker Founder of The Disruption Group – How to deal with radical change

Is this current economy for you or against you? Where are the new opportunities in this current market? Who are the companies that will thrive amidst all the challenges that we face? This week’s podcast is with Michael Urlocker, Financial Post columnist and founder of The Disruption Group. His firm works with organizations leading them through a process that helps to produce breakthrough ideas that help them to adapt to radical shifts in markets. Whether you are large company like Sony, or an individual managing your career, understanding how to deal with changing market conditions is crucial to your survival. As Michael says “The economy is not for you or against you and your organization. You must find new problems that have arisen and adapt your products and services” This week listen for the new challenges, start to think of new products or services that are needed. Sit back, relax and learn. 34 minutes.