Interview with Jean-Luc Boissonneault author and founder of Free Form Fitness

Well, it is the last Monday in January. How is your New Years resolution coming along? Are you in better physical health? Are you working out 3 times per week as promised ? Have you started on your journey to make that change in your life for 2009? Or, have you have fallen off the wagon with regards to your desire for change? This week’s podcast is with Jean-Luc Boissonneault, founder of Free Form Fitness, and author of Abs on the Go. He has invested many years uncovering how to truly help people achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals, even when they aren’t New Year’s resolutions. What he discovered is that “long-term change has to be grounded in three principles – a clear and compelling reason, a smart plan and great support around you”. Looking to get your career in shape in 2009? Think about these 3 principles and how they apply to your desire for healthy change in your life. Sit back, relax and learn! 25 minutes